About Project 4: An introduction

Project 4 is the Investigative Report, in which students researchers compare blogposts written for this course, WSC 130, from September and from November, to investigate the efficacy of the program, led by Dr. Ethna Lay in fall 2019. Be sure to use the Hofstra bulletin description for the course as you define it.

Students will work with a sample of ten student blogs, comparing two blogposts, and running them through various data visualization programs housed in Voyant-tools.org.

In the Course Analysis section, include a discussion of your methods (i.e. naming which programs you used from the Voyant suite.) Also, share how you determined your sample (i.e. how you selected 10 students’ blogposts from 16).

Keep in mind that you will be using some of Seth Long’s rationale to respond to your findings.

Project 4 is about 750 words, following the format in our text for an “Investigative Report,” supported by one or two data visualizations, reinforced with rationale from Seth Long, and a selected Works Cited (following MLA format).

Project 4 is worth 200 points and is due Tuesday, December 3rd. Please upload it as a pdf to Blackboard before class. No late work will be accepted.

Author: Ethna D. Lay

Blogging is lending me time to write.

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